Dhoti and chaddar – raw silk

120$ 99$

Set of dhoti + chaddar
Excellent and stylish choice!
Material: Raw ahimsa silk + cotton
Size: 4m + 2.5m

Silk can be worn repeatedly as long as it does not come into contact with impure things and is not worn in dirty places. Unbleached, coarse, ahimsa silk is the best not only for puja but also for everyday use.

– $20 – Russia, Europe, Asia
– $50 – South America, USA, Mexico
Free – with any Mridanga or Harmonium

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In ancient India, there were many weaving techniques. Many of which have survived to this day. In each region of the country they have their own way of producing silk and cotton, whose style and appearance were unique for that particular region.

In our case, we have high-quality Assamese silk.