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A compact harmonium that is lightweight and perfect to bring with you everywhere. Its unique design is, in fact, an advantage.  Convenient to store at home, does not take up much space and no need to disassemble/assemble. 

This harmonium is perfect for home use, small namahatts, kirtans, bhakti-vrksha and practicing melodies and music in general.  Despite its size, with 2 and a half octaves, its sound is mesmerizingly sweet.

— 2 lines of Indian Politana Reeds
— 2 volume levels

Excellently built. Adjustable volume will allow you to change the sound for any situation, be it a large temple room or for a small namahatta at home.

— $150 — Russia, Europe, Asia
— $190 — South America, USA, Mexico

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We order harmoniums and mridangas from experienced masters. We check the quality ourselves and only then send it to the buyer. We send by airmail — therefore, as a rule, delivery takes no more than a month.

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