Karatals (Bell alloy, brass)


Karatals are hand cymbals for extracting rhythm.

During his first kirtans in America, Srila Prabhupada sang, playing along only on karatals and sometimes on a small drum. The Karatals were one of the first instruments in which Srila Prabhupada started Harinama-sankirtana in the western countries.

Material: Bell alloy, brass

Delivery of 1 kg (1-4 pairs of karatals):
30 $ – CIS, Europe, Asia
40 $ – South America, USA, Mexico

When buying karatals along with a mrdanga or harmonium – delivery is free!

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Karatals are carefully selected for quality and sound. Each pair sounds synchronously the same.

We order harmoniums and mridangas from experienced masters. We check the quality ourselves and only then send it to the buyer. We send by airmail – therefore, as a rule, delivery takes no more than a month.

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