Panchatattva Ring


Mahaprasad rings from Sri Panchatattva
Sri Mayapur Dham

These rings were offered to the Deities in the main temple of ISKCON Sri Sri Radha-Madhava in Mayapur.

Material: Tungsten

– 21 sizes (8mm wide)
– 19 size (6mm wide)

Price in Mayapur: 70$
Price with delivery to your home: 90$

Includes: Ring + steel chain

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New exclusive merchandise in our shop.

We are now offering very beautiful maha-rings. All of our rings are made of a unique material – tungsten. The main distinguishing feature of tungsten rings is their incredible wear resistance. They are almost impossible to damage. They will not fade, scratch, or lose their luster.

Tungsten is one of the most durable metals on Earth, therefore products from it are not subject to damage and even after many years it will still look new.

According to Mohs scale of mineral hardness, tungsten carbide is second only to diamonds. And the diamond, as you know, is the hardest substance in the world. Your ring can easily scratch glass and in return no there will be no damage to the ring.