Stone Bio kettle + 4 cups

85$ 79$

Traditional wisdom in practice!

Traditional kitchenware, widely used in the northeast with amazing benefits for health.

Compatible: Microwave oven and induction stove
Kettle capacity: 1 literMug capacity: 350 ml
Set: 1 teapot + 4 mugs

Stone ceramics Manipura – traditional dishes, which is used for cooking by local tribes to this day. The clay used for this pottery is obtained by crushing and mixing two types of rocks found in the Longpi area of ​​the Manipur area: Serpentinite & Weather.

The final stage of pottery production involves rubbing them with a local sheet, known as Machi sheet, which paints the item in black color.

Here you can buy handicraft products of these traditional rural artisans who have been producing it for generations.

$ 30 – CIS, Europe, Asia
$ 40 – South America, USA, Mexico
Free – when ordering mridan and or accordion