Temple harmonium – Indian reeds


A good harmonium for a reasonable price. This harmonium is considered a standard of high quality and ideal among all harmoniums. It is perfect for playing chords and at the expense of the scale changer it can be adjusted to the tone of any kirtaniya.

– 3 lines of Indian reeds of Politan.
– Scale changer + Coplar system

Excellent quality. Adjustable volume will allow you to change the sound for any situation, be it a large temple room or a small namahatta in your home.

– $180 – Russia, Europe, Asia
– $230 – South America, USA, Mexico

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We now live in Mayapur and perform service in the 24hr kirtan department.

We order harmoniums and mridangas from experienced masters. We check the quality ourselves and only then send it to the buyer. We send by airmail – therefore, as a rule, delivery takes no more than a month.

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